We analyze and re-orient public perception of you and your company

Using some of the most innovative platforms on the market, FT offers an advanced monitoring service for the internet and social media channels, collating data across platforms to create a comprehensive analysis of public perception related to a name, topic or brand.

Specifically, we are able to::

  • find positive or negative trends in public perception and let you know, in advance, of a potential reputation crisis,
  • discover the qualities that make you unique in your market, differentiating you from your competitors,
  • identify new target markets based on value, demographics and geography,
  • locate influencers who shape the majority opinion within your market.
We can listen to, and communicate with,
your clients in real time


We can listen to, and communicate with, your clients in real time

Thanks to a specific software solution, we can develop a relationship with your users in real time, both on social media and proprietary channels. Using this new approach, many companies have increased their sales and improved the quality of their services.


We give you an in-depth look into how your users interact with your digital assets

FT offers consultancy services and Digital Checkups on all kinds of digital assets (including but not limited to online catalogues, e-commerce, home banking and other web applications) with the objective of revealing critical points, oversights and design errors. We then offer, in a detailed final report, the best remedies for these issues, whether they are in the realm of visual communication or technology.

In order for your website to reach its maximum potential, the digital checkup uses an ample series of static and dynamic instruments to:

  • analyze the current state of your site: speed and response time, the presence of errors in loading/connecting, position in search engines, accessibility and performance on mobile devices, correct multilingual navigation, compatibility with different browsers;
  • study the access and behavior of visitors to your webpages, creating clusters based on use patterns and presenting the results in graphic form
  • simulate layout improvements and alternative configurations through A/B/multivariable tests.